Positive Images Posters - Early Years
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  • Carefully selected Early Years posters to compliment and support your curriculum.
  • Excellent multicultural resources for celebrating diversity, promoting literacy and bringing a global dimension in to the classroom.
  • Special needs posters for creating a welcoming, inclusive learning environment.
  • Please take a look at our Primary posters as you may also find some suitable posters there.
  • Festivals resources coming soon.
I keep my hands to myself
No: 3
Title: I sit when I eat (laminated)
Size: 20" X 14 "
Price: £6.00
Please see No 120 below for more in the series.
i wipe my spills
No: 3a
Title: I Wipe Up My Spills (laminated)
Size: 20" X 14 "
Price: £6.00
stay safe
No: 3b
Title: I Stay Safe (laminated)
Size: 20" X 14 "
Price: £6.00
I flush the toilet
No: 3c
Title: I Flush the Toilet (laminated)
Size: 20 " X 14"
Price: £6.00
No: 31
Title: Let's Play Together (Laminated)
Price: £8.00
Size: 13" X 20 "
No: 42
Title: Daycare (A fine art mini print)
Size: 8 " X 10"
Price: £4.50
No: 48
Title: Open Gate (A fine art mini print)
Size: 8 " X 10"
Price: £4.50
No: 61
Title: Raise a Reader
Size: 11" X 17"
Price: £9.00
No: 63
Title: Father and Son (A fine art mini print)
Size: 8" X 6"
Price: £4.50
No: 65
Title: Generations III (A fine art mini print)
Size: 8" X 10"
Price: £4.50
No: 90
Title: Diversity III
Size: 12" x 12"
Price: £18.00
A set of 5 laminated portrait shots of children from around the world with a laminated 16" x 6" banner saying Differences Make Life Fun. The 5 posters will be selected from the collection shown left which is also shown with our popular and versatile Diversity II poster (see No. 84 in our Primary gallery). Great educational posters for supporting work on teaching and learning about similarities and differences and for bringing a global dimension in to the classroom.
No: 91
Title: Share (Laminated)
Size: 17" x 22"
Price: £10.00
sold out
No: 108
Title: Welcome II
Size: 17 " X 22 "
Price: £10.00
sold out
No: 110
Title: Talk Talk (laminated)
Price: £12.00
Size: 18" X 24 "
No: 117
Title: Friendship Train
Size: 20" X 8"
Price: £6.00

No: 120
Title: Positive Images of Children Poster Set
Great early years posters.
Size: 14" x 20"
Price: £45 for a set of 9 laminated posters.  Please see below for details, click here for larger image.

Set One (9 laminated posters)

  • I cover my coughs
  • I listen quietly
  • I share with others
  • I put my things away
  • I use words when I am angry
  • I say please and thank you
  • I wipe my nose
  • I wash my hands
  • I pick up my toys

Set Two (9  laminated posters) Sold Out

  • I sit when I eat 
  • I take turns
  • I stay safe
  • I make friends
  • I wipe up my spills 
  • I keep my hands to myself
  • I brush my teeth
  • I flush the toilet
  • I am quiet at nap time
These visually powerful multicultural posters have direct, meaningful images showing children modelling good behaviours for others to follow.
No: 125
Title: Beloved (A fine art mini print)
Size: 8" X 6"
Price: £4.50
I flush the toilet
No: 126
Title: The World is Full of Friends (laminated)
Size: 13 " X 20"
Price: £8.00
More great disability/special needs posters coming soon...
sold out
No: 129
Title: Please Read to Me (laminated)
Size: 18" X 24 "
Price: £12.00
No: 131
Title: The Reading (A fine art print
Size: 16" X 20 "
Price: £12.00
sold out
No: 133
Title: Fathers
Size: 8" X 24 "
Price: £8.00

Kids are Great
No: 154
Title: Kids are Great
Price: £15.00
Size: see below for more details
The above characters are part of this popular display pack.  Use them to create a positive, welcoming, learning environment.  The display pack consists of a total of ten cheery kids, ten stars and two banners (Welcome and Kids are Great). Why not use this resource to create an eyecatching celebration of  diversity! The largest piece is approximately 14 inches. 
Click here for further images.  Great for work on friendship, tolerance and acceptance.  A truly versatile resource.
No: 155
Title: Welcome Girls (laminated)
Size: 13" x 20"
Price: £8.00
No: 156
Title: Be a Friend (laminated)
Size: 13" x 20"
Price: £8.00
No: 159
Title: Creative Arts (laminated)
Size: 18 " X 24"
Price: £12.00
No: 160a
Title: Create (laminated)
Size: 17 " X 22"
Price: £10.00
No: 172
Title: Learn to take Turns (Laminated)
Size: 17 " X 22"
Price: £10.00
No: 179
Title: Kenyan Mother and Baby
Size: 10 " X 12"
Price: £8.00
No: 180
Title: Friends Together (Laminated)
Size: 13 " X 20"
Price: £8.00
Celebrate Diversity Banner
temp out of stock
No: 191
Title: Celebrate Diversity Banner
Size: 48 " X 6"
Price: £12.00
Another of our most popular posters. Display this banner and proudly show your commitment to equality and diversity. Larger size available on request.
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